Network Policy
    • Wiggins Telephone allows all communications from end users to the Internet.  Subscribers are allowed to transfer lawful Internet content of their own design and choosing. They are allowed to connect devices of their choosing and run applications of their choice.
    • Wiggins Telephone does not favor any lawful Internet applications and content over others.
    • Wiggins Telephone does not block, modify, impair, or change bits, content, application or service over their network. Wiggins Telephone reserves the right to engage in reasonable network management practices in efforts to accommodate law enforcement agencies, employ network caching and perform application-neutral bandwidth allocation as necessary to protect the network from adverse performance conditions Also applied are measures to address spam, denial of service attacks, illegal content, and other harmful activities.
    • Wiggins Telephone connects to the public Internet directly and is not a private closed network.
    • Wiggins Telephone offers physical interconnection for exchange of traffic where technically feasible and without exceeding current or reasonable anticipated capacity limitations on reasonable rates and terms to be negotiated with requesting parties.  The obligation includes both the ability to connect to the public Internet and physical interconnection for the exchange of traffic.
    • Wiggins Telephone is an open network and allows interconnection per the NECA Tariff#5 (Access Services). Wiggins Telephone is obligated to agree to the wholesale rates per the NECA Tariff #5. Wiggins Telephone accepts competition among network providers and services. Wiggins Telephone does not discriminate in favor of itself or any other person, including any affiliate companies.