WI-FI Network & Router Support

Looking for a better Wi-Fi experience?? Blue Lightning is now deploying Calix GigaCenter routers, available for lease or purchase to upgrade your existing broadband experience. With simultaneous dual-band operation, this router gives you:

  • Next generation capability for the number of devices that connect at any one time–allowing you to connect devices to up to 16 different networks (8 on 5g, and 8 on 2.4g)
  • Advanced network management options
  • Extends the access network throughout your premises, giving you better WI-Fi coverage throughout your home and business

In addition to the advanced networking options, this hearty gig-capable router allows our customers a quality connection on any amount of bandwidth, including speeds like on our GigaBolt internet package running at 1000 Mbps!


Calix GigaCenter Router

Calix GigaCenter
What is the Blue Plan?

The Blue Plan includes premiere home Wi-Fi connectivity, wiring maintenance and equipment replacement. Internet subscribers with the Blue Plan receive a Calix GigaCenter router that delivers a strong Wi-Fi signal at blazing fast speeds. The Blue Plan also includes a maintenance plan to ensure the inside wiring and jacks in your home that run your phone and Internet service, will stay in proper working condition. Your Blue Lightning provided Internet equipment is also covered. If issues arise with the equipment, we will troubleshoot it and repair or replace it for free. All this for only $10.00 per month.

Why would I want it?
  • Exceptional Wi-Fi Internet – The GigaCenter dual-band wireless router, that is provided to our Internet subscribers with the Blue Plan, provides outstanding Wi-Fi range and performance throughout your home. This powerful router sends data over two different radio frequencies and dedicates bandwidth across the separate Wi-Fi networks to avoid interference and support higher upload speeds.
  • Equipment and Wiring Maintenance – In the event that your Blue Lightning provided Internet equipment stops working, you can rest assured that our technical support team will walk you through the troubleshooting process, and if your issue can’t be resolved over the phone, we’ll arrange for a professional technician to come to your home during normal business hours to fix or replace the equipment.
  • Without the Blue Plan – Any cost for a professional technician to troubleshoot and repair wiring, jacks or other issues related to your Blue Lightning services at your home, including wireless router replacement, would come out of your pocket.
What does it cover?

If you experience problems with your phone or internet service – such as static on the phone line or failure of your Blue Lightning provided router – the Blue Plan will cover the charge for a professional technician to come to your home (four hours per year). After an evaluation, the technician will repair any issues caused by wiring, jacks, Internet service or your Blue Lightning provided wireless router.

What doesn’t it cover?
  • Installation of new jacks
  • Repair of telephones, televisions or computers and all peripheral devices
  • Business Telephone Systems, such as a key system or PBX
  • Business networking
  • Skitter TV equipment or service issues.
  • Remote control batteries or battery replacement
  • Wireless router not provided by Blue Lightning
  • Customer-caused issues, such as pets chewing on wires, accidentally cutting a wire during a home remodel, etc.

The BLUE Router & Support Plan

The ULTIMATE router suppport plan with four money-saving benefits you can’t resists…

1) FREE Router Upgrade ($150 value)
2) FREE Installation ($60 value)
3) FREE Router Replacement ($150 value)
4) Up to 4 hours of in-home tech per year ($360 value)

(subject to 24-month agreement)